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Sharon Kon

Managing Director & Producer, Lovelight Pictures Director & Producer of The Father’s Love

Hope Has A Name is a deeply moving, powerful and well crafted film about incredible women of God saying yes to His calling. We see their journey of faith into the unknown. The stories will touch many and will grip your heart like never before. It’s a must watch for all.

Perry Stone

Voice of Evangelim Ministries, Cleveland,Tn

Extraordinary! A glimpse into the lives of women who will stop at nothing to deliver the gospel to those in need.


I believe the “Hope Has A Name” movie will inspire all who watch it, and will confirm to many how great the need is to deliver the message of hope in Christ to the world.

Lisa Johnson

Internationally recognized author, thought leader and story strategist Founder of Reach Story U

This movie is like smelling salts to a new generation of world-changers and a sleeping church.

Krista Anderson

Founder & CEO, ESSTAR Author of "Claim Your Healing"

"Hope Has A Name" without a doubt is God-breathed. Story after story of these heroic women leaves you speechless and inspired to take a stand and join them in changing the world. This is a must watch for anyone who believes they were born for more!"


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